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The conditions for kingdom promises

“If thou buy an Hebrew servant, six years he shall serve: and in the seventh he shall go out free for nothing. If he came in by himself, he shall go out by himself: if he were married, then his wife shall go out with him. If his master have given him a wife, and she have born him sons or daughters; the wife and her children shall be her master's, and he shall go out by himself.” Exodus 21:2-4 KJV

The conditions for kingdom promises

Do you understand the fine prints? In today’s Bible reading, God was giving commandments to the Isrealites as part of a series of do’s and don’ts. He describes the criteria of Freedom for a servant. Something that is instructional in these Bible verses is the condition for which the married servant can be let go. If he was married by himself then he can go with his family but if the master gives him the wife then his family belongs to the Master even if the servant is set free and in some cases the servant can agree to serve the master for the rest of his life for the sake of his family. We see this play out in present day spiritually where people who have been under the yoke of bondage of the devil secure freedom and deliverance from God but lose all the riches and sometimes family acquired while under the bondage of Satan. That is why in some cases, for the sake of the perceived benefits, others remain captive to the devil unto eternal damnation. So, the question today is: Do you really understand the terms and conditions of that relationship, contract, covenant? Anything that the devil offers has a hook embedded. The Bible also tells us in Proverbs 20:17 that “Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel”. Be careful of the gifts offered deceitfully. Prayers: Dear Lord, please give me a discerning heart, seeing eyes and listening ears that I may be able to recognize the bread of deceits by the enemy and not fall prey of the devil’s enticements in Jesus name 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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