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Don�t be the bottleneck to God's deliverance

“He turneth the wilderness into a standing water, and dry ground into watersprings. And there he maketh the hungry to dwell, that they may prepare a city for habitation; And sow the fields, and plant vineyards, which may yield fruits of increase. He blesseth them also, so that they are multiplied greatly; and suffereth not their cattle to decrease.” Psalm 107:35-38 KJV

Don�t be the bottleneck to God's deliverance

God makes a way where there seems to be no way. But we must learn to recognize his provisions when they come to us because God’s ways are not our ways. Our God is a God of principles and while he defies protocol to intervene in some situations, for the most part he expects us to follow specific kingdom protocols. For instance, God multiplies that which we have in our hands. He supplies the seed but we have an action to plant the seed and then he provides the resources to multiply the seed. The Bible reading today talk about God addressing the needs of the hungry and desolate by turning their deserts into water and provided resources so that they can sow the field upon which he then blesses. So there is a critical step for the individual who God must bless - the doing. Don’t be a bottleneck in God’s plans to bless you.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for daily loading me with your blessings. Thank you for bringing opportunities daily. Please teach me through your word and the Holy Spirit to recognize my seeds and the actions you require of me so that you can multiply me exceedingly in Jesus name 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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