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Many concepts in daily life activities draw significant correlation to business, personal development  and other life dimensions. In my reflections I translate life lessons from happenings in  my regular encounters into transformational concepts and quotes. In this collection, I share some of those quotes and link back to the reflections write-up from my social media pages.

Let's explore........

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Take stock of your mental models
The right variables
Take stick of your net effects
permanent business models for transient needs
critical path vs critical step
Take stock of your journey
systemic optimization
The criticality of time for success
Take stock of relative contexts
systemic effects of relationships
test and retest assumptions
same directions vs same destinations
Availability vs utility
consistency and continuous learning
protecting the core
Requirements are nor born equal
Take stock of resources
peripheral vision
Good housekeeping
lens for filtering life's opportunities
6 or 9
recipient value definition
Context is key
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