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Ready to transform into impactful and purposeful living?

Do you feel restless, constrained or just worn out from being busy with life and yet feeling unimpactful? Do you need clarity on your life’s assignment? Are you looking for actionable steps towards becoming impactful on your journey of becoming? Do you seek answers deep within you on ‘why it’s all worth it’? If you answered ‘yes’ to at least one of these questions, then this book is the right resource to help you. 


‘Take Stock of who you have become on the journey to becoming’ provides a faith-based approach to self-exploration that powers transformation from within into a life of purpose aligned with the design of the creator for you.


In this book, Funmilola Asa unpacks deep insights, translating them into relatable stories that are easy to follow without missing the core principles that each story presents. Drawing from her personal experiences and those of notable Bible personalities, she explores common threads and core principles for a holistic stocktaking on your journey of becoming. She then builds on this by providing practical steps on how to take stock and on how to translate the results into tangible impacts in your intended sphere of influence.


The insights shared in this book will help you to step off the ‘Hamster wheel of ambition’ and guide you on your transformation into purposeful and impactful living. Through the nuggets presented, you will reevaluate your journey of becoming; recognizing who you are, who you have become, what you are sent to do, where you are on the journey; and gain clarity on the path to becoming who you are intended to become. 

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