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God makes it beautiful in His time

“And it came to pass after this, that David enquired of the Lord, saying, Shall I go up into any of the cities of Judah? And the Lord said unto him, Go up. And David said, Whither shall I go up? And he said, Unto Hebron. And the men of Judah came, and there they anointed David king over the house of Judah. And they told David, saying, That the men of Jabesh–gilead were they that buried Saul. But Abner the son of Ner, captain of Saul's host, took Ish–bosheth the son of Saul, and brought him over to Mahanaim; And made him king over Gilead, and over the Ashurites, and over Jezreel, and over Ephraim, and over Benjamin, and over all Israel.” 2 Samuel 2:1, 4, 8-9 KJV

God makes it beautiful in His time

The vision is indeed for an appointed time. Wait for it. In the Bible reading today, After David’s hunter (Saul) had died, it appeared that it was time for the prophesy to be fulfilled. It was time for the anointed king of Isreal, David, to take his place. However, he knew the drill. He asked God if he could go into Judah and where specifically he should go. The people of Judah anointed him as their king but his challenges were far from over. Saul’s son had been put in charge of the rest of Isreal. This is reminiscent of the time when God was going to give the Isrealites the much-awaited promised land. He told them that he will not drive out all their enemies at once but that they will take the land little by little. (Exodus 23:29-30). You may have a promise from God and despite waiting for so long, the fulfillment appears to be incomplete. Wait on God by carrying out his instructions consistently, it shall come to pass and not tarry because our God makes everything beautiful in His time. Halleluyah!!

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for your promises and prophecies over my life. Please help me to stay connected in patience and obedience till the fulfillment of the prophecies to your glory 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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