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True abundance - Resources matched to needs

“And it came to pass, when they had eaten up the corn which they had brought out of Egypt, their father said unto them, Go again, buy us a little food. And their father Israel said unto them, If it must be so now, do this; take of the best fruits in the land in your vessels, and carry down the man a present, a little balm, and a little honey, spices, and myrrh, nuts, and almonds: And take double money in your hand; and the money that was brought again in the mouth of your sacks, carry it again in your hand; peradventure it was an oversight:” Genesis 43:2, 11-12 KJV,11-12.kjv

True abundance - Resources matched to needs

There was famine all over the land in today’s Bible reading and Canaan was impacted. The sons of Jacob had gone to Egypt to purchase food and they had run out of the first supply, they now needed to go get additional supplies. It was interesting to see in the reading today that Jacob said to his sons that they should take double money along with them to Egypt to buy the food. He even had additional presents and some other types of food to appease the officer in Egypt that they feared was going to arrest them. So where is this all leading up to. They had resources but not the right ones that could meet the true needs that they had at that time. It is very instructional, as today some people appear to be well placed and wealthy but yet are in a significant state of famine in another part of their lives where all the money they have cannot solve those problems. The biggest ones are the issues in the spiritual and an apparent loss of peace from the absence of fellowship with the master peace giver. The Bible says “Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:” Isaiah 55:6. Are you experiencing a dryness that your resources cannot satisfy? Why don’t you connect to the spring of life so that you can thrive all round.

Prayer: Dear God, I seek you today. Please feel me afresh today with your Holy Spirit and address every dry and empty situation in my life.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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