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Best Version of You!

Meet Funmilola  

Engineering & Strategy Professional, Transformational Insights Translator, Keynote Speaker, Author, Wife, Mom, System thinker and Lover of God

Funmilola is conscientious, tenacious and inspired.

With close to a decade and half years working experience in the Engineering profession in the Oil and Gas Industry, Funmi is a seasoned professional and strategic thinker. She is passionate about sharing insights from her life story, experiences and learnings to help people become better versions of themselves.....

From My Blog

Sharing my passion in three key focus areas of strategic & system thinking; Personal Development and Christian Faith Connection in my blog. Follow my blog to read key insights from my story, experience and learnings

Interested in learning about grit, a critical ingredient for all round success? Want tips for transforming from the inside out when your normal shifts?

Get a copy of an anthology I co-authored - "LIVING BOLDLY"

Need transformational  insights for your events?